Yes, now that home video of your first bath can stick around… forever.

DV (Digital Video) recording became more and more common in the late 90’s. Camcorders got smaller and smaller, and the creation of the MiniDV brought new opportunities to home movie enthusiasts.

DV records onto magnetic tape enclosed in varying sized cassettes. MiniDV cassettes were intended for amateur use. But since the quality of MiniDV rivals broadcast cameras, they were accepted into professional use as well. 60 minute standard play or 90 minute extended play allowed for long recordings without switching tapes.

Unfortunately, a smaller tape size makes for a more fragile format. MiniDV tapes are liable to break and be damaged by weather. If stored improperly, tapes can lose data over time, making it harder to transfer the content. Now is the time to transfer all of your MiniDV tapes to DVD and digital file!

We convert MiniDV PAL!

LA Video Transfer understands digital in all its formats. Our MiniDV transfer service helps you protect your cherished home videos so they aren’t lost forever. We have professional equipment that can capture your tapes to a custom labeled DVD or digital file*.

*Since MiniDV is a digital format, we recommend transferring these tapes to digital files which are stored on a hard drive.