A New Year’s Resolution is to change the way you present yourself for a brand new year. Why not upgrade your old self by transferring your old footage to digital?
Converting your old analogue tapes to Digital is a great way to bring something old, into the new! By going to a digital format, you can preserve your old footage for every new year to come. Also, you can save a lot of space by getting rid of those big VHS tapes and transferring them to DVD.
DVDs are a huge space saver and they can be organized far more easily than VHS. DVDs are also higher quality and last longer than a VHS tape. VHS tapes have a shelf life of 10 years. After that they start to degrade and lose color, quality and dependability. Don’t trust your VHS player to continue playing your VHS tapes, transfer them to DVD today and guarantee that your memories are safe for many years to come.
Los Angeles Video Transfer Service excels at converting VHS tapes to DVD at a reasonable price and a quick turnaround time. As a family owned business, we know how important your memories are. Bring in your tapes to us today to make old memories, brand new.

Starting 01/15/15 through 02/15/15 Mention NY115 to get $5.00 off our regular VHS to DVD transfer rates.

New Year, New Deal