Summer Vacation is here and it’s time to create lots of new memories of your family and friends. While you’re out recording new moments with your camera, why not get your old memories transferred to a digital file and relive those good times?

Bring us your old film and tapes of bygone summer vacations and Los Angeles Video Transfer Service will transfer them to new formats so they can be enjoyed for summers to come.

Whether it is old 8mm films of you and your family out in the yard or some VHS tapes of your family enjoying a picnic, Los Angeles Video Transfer Service has a solution for you to re-watch those precious moments once again. We can transfer to a high-quality, archival-grade DVD for easy viewing or a digital file so that you can edit your video or even upload to online video services such as Vimeo or Youtube.

Don’t wait until your summer is over, bring your media to Los Angeles Video Transfer Service and make old memories, new once again.