If time or the elements have been cruel to a beloved photo, we can help!

The technology of photography has continually improved since its invention. However, until digital photography came about, there was no easy way to protect these beloved memories from the elements. In fact, most photographs end up piled into a box and thrown onto a closet shelf for years. Or even worse, end up in a damp basement or dry, dusty attic.

LA Video Transfer Service offers professional digital photo restoration. We can overcome a wide range of issues, such as:

  • Color correction
  • Stain removal
  • Scratches and tears
  • Water damage
  • Tape / tape stain removal
  • Fading / tinting

Before and After Comparison Sample

Original ImageOriginal

Modified ImageModified

We also offer photo enhancement services, ranging from simple blemish removal and teeth whitening to more complex manipulation such as removing a person from an image.

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