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Our Location

Our address is 1785 Locust Street, Suite 1, Pasadena, CA. We are located at the intersection of Locust Street and Allen Ave, about a block south of the 210 Freeway.

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Directions from 210 East:

  • Take the Hill Ave exit from 210
  • Turn right onto Allen Ave
  • Turn right onto Locust Street
  • Make an immediate right into our parking lot (through the green gate)

Directions from 210 West:

  • Take the Allen Ave exit from 210
  • Turn left onto Allen Ave
  • Turn right onto Locust Street
  • Make an immediate right into our parking lot (through the green gate)

We have plenty of free parking in our lot! Simply enter through the green gate and find any open, unmarked space. You must have a placard or license plate to park in the disabled spots. Please be respectful of our neighbors, and do not park in front of any warehouse doors that are marked “No Parking”.

Be aware that street parking on Locust Street is by permit only.


Each media format has a different price point depending on several factors such as:

  • The complexity of the transfer process
  • How rare the format is
  • The availability of capture equipment
  • The length of the capture process
  • How much of the process can be automated

Our online instant estimate system was created so that you can design your transfer project to fit within your timeline and budget. Whether you want to convert everything this week, or stretch your project out over several months, we’re here to help you make the best plan for your needs.

We offer bulk discounts on our Video, Audio, and Photo transfer services. We also occasionally offer specials, so be sure to sign up for our newsletter!

LA Video Transfer Service offers the best transfers in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas, with the quickest turn around time. We offer personalized service and carefully process each order by hand. We guarantee your satisfaction with every transfer we do.

When you log into our Order Status gateway, your connection is secure. Any payments or actions completed via this gateway remain encrypted, so that your payment information is guaranteed to be safe.

Our Guarantee

We know your precious memories are cherished possessions. That’s why we handle each order carefully, by hand. We never outsource or ship your items anywhere but back to you.

Each order is inventoried upon receipt. We then place all items into individual lidded containers to protect them. Your order is processed, from beginning to end, by one dedicated transfer technician. We take the utmost care in handling every item, using safety precautions such as latex gloves, to ensure that no damage is incurred while your items are in our possession.

If your item is damaged and needs any sort of repair work done, this will be reviewed and discussed with you in detail, either during the initial consult call or before we begin the transfer process. No matter what, we will return all items to you, usually in the same condition in which they were received.

Our Process

Our film scanning process sets us apart from the rest.

We don’t use typical methods to preserve your memories. We use a frame-by-frame scanner that captures each individual frame of your video. This allows us to scan in high definition, and offer 1080p resolution.

Here’s how it works:

  • Your film is inspected for stability and then loaded into our special scanner.
  • Once the scanner is started, a high-speed camera captures each frame of the film, which is backlit by LED.
  • Each captured frame is sent to a computer and converted to an image file.
  • The individual image files are then combined to create a “image sequence”
  • Using this image sequence, we output your film to disc or file, per your request.

Because of this process, the end result is a high quality motion picture, without any of the skipping, flickering, or other bothersome problems of a projected film. The LED light on the scanner ensures that the film cannot be burned, even if the reels were to suddenly stop spinning for any reason. The reels are turned by motor, ensuring that they are consistently in sync, so that your film is never in danger of being torn or scratched by the process.

Unfortunately, photo damage is a very common occurrence. Heat, water, smoke, mold, and even fingerprints can irreparably scar your prints, slides, and negatives. LA Video Transfer loves to reconnect you to your cherished memories by correcting varying degrees of damage, from small cracks and tears to mold damage and missing pieces.

To begin the process, we’ll scan your item using our normal procedure for the format. This could be the high resolution flatbed scanner for printed images, or the slide or negative scanner. We scan at the highest resolution possible, with no auto-corrections, so that we can get the most true digital image to start with.

After the item is scanned, our restoration specialist begins the digital manipulation process in Photoshop. Using up-to-date techniques and processes, we correct colors, remove stains, fix fading, repair tears, and fill in missing pieces. The image may be cropped slightly if the edges are torn. The main subject will never be cropped from your image.

Once the restoration is completed, we can provide a digital file or a disc copy of your image. We’ll discuss these options during your consult call.

Damaged photos need extra special attention and care in order to avoid any additional issues. We only handle your items while wearing latex gloves. Our photo restoration specialist takes pride in giving you the best end result possible.

Have a photo you would like to be restored? Request an estimate today!

Our Location

1785 Locust St, Suite 1
Pasadena, CA 91106

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Free parking is available in the parking lot. Enter through the green gate on Locust Street, and park in any open, unmarked space.

Phone: (626) 795-3010
Hours: Monday - Friday
  10:00 AM to 6:00 PM (Pacific)
10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Our Location :
1785 Locust St, Suite 1
Pasadena, CA 91106
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We handle each of our customer’s projects in our Pasadena location using trained technicians and professional grade audio and video equipment to provide high quality results.