Blu-ray Authoring for Film Festivals

Film Festival Blu-ray Authoring at Los Angeles Video Transfer Service DVDs were the common standard for entering a film festival. But just like VHS, Film Festivals have moved on from DVD and have now started asking for Blu-ray discs. It makes sense. Blu-ray is the ultimately disc-based media for high definition videos. It has 5 […]

Preserve Your Memories!

The recent forest fire devastation on 15 freeway has given plenty of families cause to properly take care of their memories. The safest way to preserve memories and important documents is to digitize them. Who knows when a natural disaster might affect your precious moments? At Los Angeles Video Transfer, we can safely convert your […]

Great Gift Idea for Father’s Day – Video and Film Transfers!

Remember all those important milestones? Your daughter’s first steps, those annual family camping trips. Chances are Dad and Grandpa value those precious moments too. Why not recapture those old memories by transferring those favorite videos and films to DVD or a digital file so that Dad or Grandpa can watch them over and over again. […]