Bring your 8mm and 16mm Film to Los Angeles Video Transfer Service today!

8mm and 16mm film were the best ways to capture memories in the 50s and 60s. However, as time has gone on, lots of fans of the medium have become disappointed in knowing their memories are slowly fading away. Temperature, humidity and location all contribute to the deterioration of film. It’s harder and harder to find any working projectors and even tougher still finding anyone who is willing to transfer film to digital.

Los Angeles Video Transfer has a high quality transfer service in place to help with aging film reels. We can capture your memories frame-by-frame as opposed to using less-than-ideal transfers. Our methods preserve your memories for many years to come. Whether you have 8mm/Super8 or 16mm/Super16 we can help get your memories transferred to a digital format right away.

Our professional technicians can transfer your film to both DVD and digital files. Don’t wait any longer and watch as your precious memories fade away, come into Los Angeles Video Transfer service today!