Do you have lots of old VHS tapes taking up space? This spring, why not get them transferred to a more compact DVD? By getting your tapes transferred at Los Angeles Video Transfer service, you save lots of space and preserve precious memories all in one trip!

VHS tapes were not made to last and as such lots of tapes are developing mold, losing magnetism or even fading away completely. Don’t lose your memories! Bring them to the professionals at Los Angeles Video Transfer Service and we will make sure we take good care of your tapes.

Our in house professionals provide all VHS transfers in our Pasadena location. Nothing ever leaves our facility. We also offer affordable pricing with our bulk volume discounts. If you bring in 6 tapes, we will give you 10%. 20 Tapes gets you 20%! The bigger the quantity, the bigger the value!

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Bring your tapes to Los Angeles Video Transfer Service today!