Los Angeles Video Transfer Service is the one-stop shop for your professional needs. We can author and master your project, duplicate/replicate the discs, design packaging, fulfill and distribute orders. We offer graphic design services ranging from simple color correction to major restorations. Whatever you need, we can provide the solution!

CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Duplication

If you need just a few discs or a few hundred, our CD/DVD/Blu-Ray duplication service is the perfect solution to create fast & affordable copies of your project.

CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Replication

Our replication service is the perfect solution for orders typically 1000+ discs. We manufacture all of our discs using high-quality and high-speed equipment.

DVD/Blu-Ray Authoring

LA Video Transfer Service will work together with you to provide as many features as your project requires. We also provide full packaging and fulfillment.

Graphic Design

LA Video Transfer offers quality graphic design services for your needs. We can design your custom DVD menu, case artwork, and other collateral to make your projects high quality and professional grade.

Digital Photo Restoration

LA Video Transfer can digitally restore damaged and faded photos. We also offer color correction and other enhancements to make your memories as vivid as ever!

Slideshow Tributes

Do you have an important family event coming up? Our video experts can create a video tribute from any of your photos, slides, or videos and set it to music.

Tape Repair

Think your tape is a goner? LA Video Transfer may be able to help. We repair ripped tape and rebuild broken cases so that transfer can be completed.

Flash Drive Duplication

Need 100 flash drives containing your presentation to hand out at your company's next meeting? We have you covered. We can duplicate your drive in a flash.

File Upload Service

Have to send a large file but don't have the time or the bandwidth? Leave it to LA Video Transfer. We'll send your files or upload your transfers to a service of your choice quickly & worry-free.